CEGEP de l'Outaouais, Alphonse-Desjardins Auditorium


May 7, 2017 @ 10:30 AM


The Only Bilingual Education Conference in the Capital Region

What to expect


Wondering what your options are for post-secondary? Need to brush up on presentation skills? Want to explore entrepreneurship? We got you covered

Inspiring Talks

Every person’s path is unique – find out how these keynote speakers overcame difficult hardships to achieve their dreams and broke barriers in their industry


An opportunity to meet like-minded individuals & learn from some of the top professionals in various fields. Be open, ask questions! Curiosity is encouraged

Our Purpose

Generation Y Not is a bilingual education conference that aims to connect secondary students, future post-secondary students, as well as professionals in academia who share a passion for education while offering an avenue through which they can develop their entrepreneurship interests by participating in workshops. The conference offers attendees the chance to network with their peers as well as the keynote speakers, ultimately paving the way for future collaborations and igniting inspiration.

But Why?

Adolescents and young adults often feel lost when trying to make career decisions. It is common for these individuals to feel confused about the future in addition to the choices they need to make to pursue a meaningful and fulfilling life. By holding this event, we are offering guidance to those who are unsure about the possibilities they can explore once they complete secondary or post-secondary education.

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The Pledge

We are the Education group from the Hull-Aylmer Youth Council who believe in growing alongside our constituents, not against their backs. Generation Y, or Millennials, are capable of revolutionizing our world due to their "get stuff done" mentality. They do not hesitate when an opportunity comes along - they think "why not?"


Our mission is to provide this generation with the tools they need in order to succeed, and henceforth the foundation of Generation Y Not will deliver on that promise

Youth Council Members
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Energy Level


Greg Fergus Member of Parliament
Amanda Jetté Knox LGBTQ Rights Activist and Public Speaker
Angélique Duguay Psychoéducatrice | Je tiens la route
Maxime Lê Workshop Coordinator


Maxime Lê: The Sharpest Tool in the Shed … Is You!

In this workshop, Max will go over how to make a stellar resume that fits the best practices in 2017. Moreover, you will look at perfecting that crucial first impression, which will allow you to ace your interview. Along the way he will address the most common mistakes that people make and give you tricks on how you can avoid them, as well as giving you the best way to answer those difficult interview questions. You will leave equipped with special employment tools, tips and tricks that most people don’t know about – and it will give you that competitive edge to land you that job.

As a bonus, Max will feature some of the ways that education plays a part in shaping your career, your character, and your vision for the future. He will showcase his own personal and professional development story as an example of how learning, volunteering, community engagement and hard work can help you be a successful leader in these ever-demanding borderless and modern times.

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